The Zander Anglers Club (ZAC) 


 The Zander Anglers Club was first an idea suggested by Chris Peck, Jon Cranswick and Myself, then later started by the Zander Guru 'Neville J Fickling' in the Summer of 1991.

The Club was brought together to deal with the ongoing issues surrounding the Zander itself and the Zander Fishing in the UK.

At the time the ZAC was first started, the Main Zander Population in the UK was thought to be mainly surrounded around the Fenland Area. 

But as time went by we found that the Zander population had indeed spread all over the countryside.  Its quite suprising when you look in the Angling Weeklies and there is a reported catpure from some unknown water in the UK. 

An illegal stocking, or maybe the Venue owner may have had some transferred legally and wants to draw attention to their Venue.  These days you just never know.

In the early days, the Angling Specialists from around the UK who wanted to catch the Zander had to travel across to the Fenland Drains of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.  Nowadays you can catch just about anywhere south of Ferrybridge on the A1.

The Zander Anglers Club Members contribute material towards our twice yearly magazine called ' The Snapper'.

The Material Content can be catch reports, new rigs, a good session you had, information about certain waters, tackle tips, facts about Zander, tackle tests and beginners help.

The Current Subs for the Zander Angling Club is only £5 per rolling year.

Anybody that is interested in learning more about the Zander or already is catching Zander and wants to become a memeber of the Club, please contact either:-  

Neville Fickling (Secretary) at The Tackle Shop, Kings Court, Gainsborough 

DN21 1JS   01427 613002  or log on to




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